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Academic Awards 2018

How do I know if someone is eligible for an award?

  • ALL awards are open to nominations from STUDENTS and some awards are open for staff nominations (where specified).
  • You can nominate for as many categories as you choose, or nominate different individuals for the same award
  • The criteria we’ve highlighted below is just a guide and we want to hear about your experiences and reasons why you think your nominee deserves the award. Please remember that the nominee does NOT have to fulfil all of the criteria

​​Here are a list of all of the awards up for grabs, find out the criteria for each one and get nominating here!

Outstanding Feedback

A staff member who consistently provides constructive, detailed and timely feedback enabling improvements on your work.

Best Postgraduate Student who Teaches

A postgraduate student who provides outstanding teaching alongside their PhD.

Innovation in Academic Skills Development (sponsored by 301)

A student or staff member who has actively facilitated academic skills development, embedded academic skills development within the curriculum or taken innovative steps to improve skills development.

Best Postgraduate Supervisor

A staff member who provides exceptional support for postgraduate students, in both their academic and personal life.

Most Supportive Non-Academic Staff Member (sponsored by Student Support Services)

A non-academic staff member whose work has actively supported students through their university journey, for their wellbeing or academic studies.

Best Personal Tutor

A staff member who uses a holistic approach to supporting their students in their academic and personal life, encouraging students to succeed and providing sound advice.

Best Academic Mentor

A student who provides outstanding support to their mentees, by being approachable and providing informed advice, enabling new students to integrate into university life.

Student Futures Award (sponsored by Careers)

A staff member who goes beyond their role to create opportunities for students to develop or reflect on academic or extra-curricular experiences or who motivates and develops other staff to support students futures.

Outstanding Group Contribution to student wellbeing

A group or society who, through events or campaigns has enhanced student well-being at the University.

Best Academic Representative

A course/department/faculty academic representative who excels in representing their cohort by seeking the views of their peers and attending and contributing to student staff committee meetings to improve the academic lives of the students they represent.

Best Academic Representative Team

A team of course, department or faculty academic representatives who work together to improve the lives of the students they represent.

Best Student Led Academic Event or Activity

A student led event or activity that successfully engaged students in current educational issues.

Equality and Liberation

A student or staff member who has done exceptional work to 'liberate' academic life, be it diversifying the curriculum, promoting accessibility, or combatting discrimination.

Academic Communities

A group or department which proactively fosters an academic community, involving staff and students as equals.

Outstanding Teaching

A staff member who excels in teaching through providing engaging, innovative and informed lectures, tutorials, seminars etc

Outstanding Student Contribution

A student who goes above and beyond for their fellow students to improve their education.