2nd June 2020

Returning To Sheffield To Move Home Or Collect Belongings During The Covid 19 Lockdown

Many of you will not be in Sheffield at the moment but may need to come back to collect your belongings from your last property as your current housing contract will be ending. You may have already signed a contract for next year and may want to collect keys from the landlord and move your stuff into the new house.

The Government has published Moving Home Guidance recently and it is now acceptable to move home if you need to.

Travelling to Sheffield for this purpose would be seen as essential travel if you are in England. Students who are living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should follow your local guidance and be aware that there are still travel restrictions in place.

If you are an international student and returning to Sheffield to collect belongings or move home, that is also acceptable if you can travel from your country. Please be aware that the UK intends to introduce mandatory 14 days self- isolation to overseas arrivals from 8 June 2020.

Advice from Public Health officials for students who are returning to Sheffield states that you should:

  • Travel by yourself (or with one other person).
  • Do not make the journey if you (or a member of your household) has Covid 19 symptoms or should be self-isolating.
  • Avoid using public transport and travel by private vehicle.
  • If you and other housemates will be returning to collect belongings, try and stagger the date and time of visits so you are not all in the house at the same time.
  • Public Health advised that you leave 72 hours between each tenant if you can, as the virus does not survive on surfaces longer than this.
  • Maintain social distancing rules if you are in contact with people outside of your normal household.
  • Wash hands before and after entry to the property.
  • Clean door handles, bathrooms and surfaces you have used before you leave ready for the next housemate/tenant. Normal cleaning detergents should be fine to use.

Public Health Sheffield have advised that if you were planning to move in with friends, who you have not been sharing accommodation with during the lockdown, that where possible you should wait until lock down restrictions are lifted further. This would help prevent the risk of spreading Covid 19 between households. However, if you do need to move back to Sheffield and will be moving here permanently it would be in line with the guidance for you to do so. Ideally you and friends should plan to move in at the same time, as you will be creating a new household.