18th February 2020

National letter from our SU

Ahead of the strike action this March, our SU President Jake Verity is collaborating with other SUs around the country to help seek a resolution and stop the disruption to students.

“As many of you will be aware, we are set to experience 14 more days of industrial action at the University of Sheffield, over the next four weeks.

“These strikes are happening in 74 universities across the country, as a result of a dispute around pensions and pay between the Universities and College Union and employers. Sixty of these universities saw strike action in November for eight days. Not only has there been no resolution, it’s clear industrial action will continue to escalate until one is found.

“This is a national issue, so we’re adopting a national approach to push for a resolution and end the disruption to students.

“I have written a letter addressed to a number of key stakeholders in the dispute, including the new universities minister. I have circulated this letter to over 70 students’ unions in the country who are also affected by industrial action over the past week, to organise a national piece of collective action to place pressure on employers to find a resolution to industrial action whilst ensuring it maintains the democratic mandate of supporting the strikes that our SU Council agreed last November.

“Many students’ unions are keen to work with us on this, including the National Union of Students. We’re hopeful that it will kickstart strong collective action to finally see employers finding a resolution for our staff, and the end to the disruption for our students.”

  1. View the strike action letter from SU President
  2. Signed by Students' Unions

View the strike action letter from SU President

Addressed to the university minister and other key stakeholders to address the urgent need of a resolution. View letter PDF.

Signed by Students' Unions