7th February 2020

Climate Strike this Friday

In the face of climate catastrophe, we need to take drastic action. Join us on the concourse on Friday 10am to strike again for the future of the planet.

On 14th February, we strike once again for the climate. We will be hosting a rally on the SU concourse from 10-10:45 then marching down to meet the Youth Strikers at Devonshire Green for 11:15.


These strikes won’t go away until world leaders wake up to the reality of what is happening. Year on year, our Students' Union will be welcoming more and more climate activists from Youth Striker movements, and I am sure these events will continue until something is done.

School students have been leading the fight for climate justice, and it is crucial that university students join the fold and call for a systemic change. Perpetual growth is eating away at our environment, world leaders have consistently put profit over people and this existential crisis has failed to have been addressed. We're running out of time and call for drastic structural changes necessary to combat the climate crisis.

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