20th December 2019

Officer Achievements

Your SU Officer team are reflecting on all the things that they have achieved so far during their time in the team so far.

Jake, SU President

Secured £1 bus fares for all students to help ensure affordable and accessible transport for all and started work on the Students’ Union App 

Charlie, Education Officer

Spearheaded the solidarity campaign to support striking University staff - their working conditions are our learning conditions! 

Harry, SU Development Officer

Led two Global Climate Strikes and Climate Justice Week to raise awareness and lobby for structural change to address the climate emergency, and been the student voice on the Uni's sustainability strategy.

Beren, Welfare Officer

Ran Our Mental Health Week 2019, helped develop the Student Wellbeing Service with the University, and organised an active student welfare campaign during the strike, to help prioritise student welfare. 

Sissi, International Students’ Officer

Launched the SU’s new WeChat account, organised the first ever Home Away from Home Christmas Ball, and SU Christmas Campaign to help our international students feel welcome on campus. 

Britt, Sports Officer

Successfully ran This Girl Can, Brovember and Disability in Sport Week campaigns to push for more inclusivity in sport 

Martha, Activities Officer

Passed the ‘Sustainable Storage’ policy with the help of Societies Counsellor, worked with the University for a disability access strategy and ran a successful Activities Fair! 

Rosa, Women’s Officer

Led on anti-racism training for societies and sports teams, and decolonisation training with Academic Reps to help us become an anti-racist campus. Also successfully ran Reclaim the Night and 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence campaigns! 

You could make change on big issues too: run in the Officer Elections 2020 

You can keep up to date with the SU Officers and what they’re working on via their Instagram.

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