22nd March 2021

Sheffield graduate launches Strength in Stories page

A graduate from the University of Sheffield has launched an Instagram account which aims to help people who are struggling with their mental health.

The account, called Strength in Stories, focuses on spreading the message that people who face mental health difficulties can still lead content, successful, and fulfilled lives. Dan Gordon, who created the page, is the first story that was posted. Dan talks openly about his own experiences with anxiety and depression during University and hopes to help students who might have been having a particularly difficult time during the pandemic this year. Speaking about the inspiration behind the page, Dan said:

“When I was in my worst periods, I’d always be looking stuff up on social media or the internet to try and find stories of people who’d been through the same thing. I wanted to see that other people had got better because when you’re in the midst of it all it’s tough to be able to think that things might improve. I found one blog by a woman who got better and it was such a relief to me to hear how realistic but positive she was. I realised how difficult it was to find these stories and thought about creating a place where these stories could be.”

Since the page has started, many other people have come forwards to share their stories on the page from all over the country, including students and graduates. If people want to share their story they can direct message the page. Speaking about future plans for the page, Dan said:

“At the moment I’m focusing on keeping it consistent. The key thing is helping people and showing the improvement and positive experiences that can still happen even if you are struggling with your mental health. I’ve been meeting people from all over through the account and forming a community which has been another positive thing to come from it.”

If you are struggling with your wellbeing you can access mental health support through SAMHS or the Wellbeing Centre.

For a free, confidential, non-advisory listening service to talk about your concerns and feelings, you can contact Nightline.

Strength in Stories account


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