6th December 2019

Update on SU Council meeting 5.12.19

Updates from the SU Council meeting on 5/12/19

Updates from last night’s SU Council meeting are now available.

All students are welcome at the Students’ Union and policy positions that are adopted should not deter students from participation in their Students’ Union. Students’ Unions have a long history of expressing solidarity with international political movements. This doesn’t mean that students from any country are any less welcome in or supported by their Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union is an independent, democratic, student-led organisation. Students are able to propose policy to SU Council on issues that are important to them. At SU Council meetings, elected councillors and students on both sides of the debate share their views on the proposal.

Yesterday SU Council passed the ‘Supporting Democracy in Hong Kong’ proposal. This means that SU Council has resolved to:

We understand that this particular issue impacts our students in different ways, and student welfare remains our priority. We ask our students to respect and celebrate the diverse range of opinions and beliefs held within our community. Regardless of this policy, all students will always be welcome and able to participate in the Students’ Union and access our services.

If you have any questions about SU Policy please get in touch with SU Council at sucouncil@sheffield.ac.uk

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