7th November 2019

General Election 2019: Our Student Vote

Sheffield Students’ Union is based in the Sheffield Central Constituency, which has the highest percentage of student and youth voters in the UK. The voices of Sheffield students must be heard.

At your Students' Union, we strive to ensure that all 27,000 Sheffield students have the opportunities to make their voices heard in the big decisions which affect their lives! Whether it’s the availability of mental health services for students, the treatment of and support for international students, or the cost of living for students in Sheffield and across the country, all students have the right to demand national policy which supports, sustains and strengthens their lives!

  1. Our student manifesto
  2. First time voter?
  3. Inform your vote
  4. Campaigning Guidance

General Election Timeline

Tickets are free but must be obtained from Eventbrite
7pm - 8.30pm Tuesday 3rd December, SU Auditorium


Tickets are free but must be obtained from Eventbrite
7pm - 8.30pm Friday 6th December, High Torr 1, The Edge


7am - 10pm Thursday 12th December


10pm onwards, Thursday 12th December, Bar One


Our student manifesto

When Sheffield students go to the polls on December 12th, we will be voting for candidates and policies which support, sustain and strengthen our students! This is our General Election manifesto

Too often private renters are left short-changed, subject to unfair rent increases, living in damaged or unsuitable housing and unable to challenge them for fear of eviction. Our students need and want more predictable and affordable rents, safe and secure accommodation and to address the power imbalance between renters and their landlords. We support...

  1. The introduction of rent controls
  2. The creation of a national register of landlords
  3. A crack down on disrepair, with properly funded enforcement

We are living in a mental health crisis, with the demand for mental health care rapidly rising. We want a commitment to increased funding for mental health services and research, as well as a commitment to improving access routes to mental health support for all students. We support...

  1. More funding for NHS Mental Health services
  2. A joined up service allowing access to GP provision at Uni and at home
  3. Allocation of resources for service provision for young people

We are a proudly international University and believe everyone, no matter where you come from, should have equal and accessible chance to be educated and represented. In the wake of Brexit we believe that residence status, Post Study Work Visas and the right of refugees and asylum seekers to study in the UK are more important than ever.
We support...

  1. Guaranteeing EU students residence status, and remove comprehensive sickness insurance requirements
  2. Refugee & asylum seekers studying as home students
  3. Post study work rights for international students

Our education system is precious. We want an education system which values its students and staff. We would also like to see a shift, away from students being treated as ‘consumers’ of education, but rather as active in the co-production of knowledge and learning. Access to education is a right and not a privilege. We support...

  1. Free, publicity-funded education
  2. Repurposing or abandoning the teaching excellence framework and end the marketing of higher education
  3. Proactive steps to widen access to higher education

The cost of being a student is already too high, without factoring in interest rates of student debts. We want to see a government which commits to reducing burdens placed on students and graduates. We support...

  1. Reinstating a grant system where maintenance funding adequately covers living cost
  2. Committing to control interest rates on student debs
  3. Removing the tampon tax from sanitary protection products

We are living in a climate crisis which will affect our generation and others to come. Students need a government who will commit to taking the necessary steps to halt damaging carbon-emitting practises, and transitioning to a sustainable economy and society. We support...

  1. Rapid transition to a sustainable economy & society
  2. Greater investment in public transport
  3. Supporting the creation of sustainable and secure jobs

With the future of the United Kingdom at a critical juncture, we think it is imperative that we give students the best possible experiences and opportunities to work, live and develop skills in Europe, now, and in the future. We support...

  1. Avoiding no deal or hard Brexit
  2. Supporting Erasmus students and protect freedom of movement
  3. Protecting research funding & partnerships

First time voter?

In a General Election, voters elect 650 MPs who sit in the UK Parliament (Westminster), and determine the future UK Government. General Elections usually happen every 5 years, but sometimes can happen more frequently.

MPs are elected to decide on UK-wide matters such as foreign policy, immigration rules and social security, as well as domestic issues such as education, housing, health and transport. For more information on Westminster and MPs see here.

Polling day will be on 12th December 2019. You can vote in person at your polling station, by sending your vote in the post, or someone else can vote on your behalf (voting by proxy). You can find your polling station in Sheffield here.

You can find out more about how to vote here.

In UK General Elections, we use the First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system. To become an MP, a candidate needs to receive more voted in their constituency than any other candidate. You can find out more about FPTP here.

There are over 2 million students in the UK. Sheffield University alone is almost 30,000 strong! If we all vote we can make a big impact on the lives of everyone in the UK.

When students lead we achieve change for the better. When students lead we fight for everyone; improvements to our rights improve everyone's rights. When students lead we blaze a trail for those here now and those who come after. When students lead we can reset our society, so it works for the good of us all.

Inform your vote

Deciding who you want to vote for can be difficult, but there are a number of ways to decide who should get your vote on December 12th:

  1. Theyworkforyou is the best resource for providing information on the voting record of your local MP and where they stand on issues important to you
  2. You can look at previous election results in your constituency. Results from the 2017 General Election can be found here.

Campaigning Guidance

You may wish to campaign for a party or candidate who represents your interests, which is great! There are rules and guidance which we as an SU must adhere to during an election.

Sheffield Students’ Union is a registered charity and must comply with charity law on campaigning and political activity and Charity Commission guidance on elections and referendums. During Local, General and EU elections, we must also comply with election law and Electoral Commission’s guidance.

If your society or committee wishes to campaign during the General Election, you must adhere to the following guidance in any campaigning during an election period:

Sheffield SU

Campaigning guidance General Election 2019

This guidance comes from both the Charity Commission and the Electoral Commission, who issue lots of guidance which we must adhere to as a Students’ Union during an election period:

Charity Commission Guidance:

Charities, Elections and Referendums

Electoral Commission Guidance:

Charities and Campaigning

Electoral Commission Guidance:

Non-Party Campaigners

contact elections@sheffield.ac.ukwith any questions!