Voting FAQs

It’s crunch time!

You have until 22nd May to register to vote so if you haven't already - It's a quick and easy online form.

Once you're registered to vote you officially have a say on 8th June. Congratulations! Now you just need to make sure you use your vote.

How do I vote?

Voting will take place in person at official polling stations and you must use the polling station allocated to you. This will be stated on your polling card.

Do I need my polling card to vote?

No. Taking your polling card with you to vote is helpful for staff, but not mandatory.

Where will my polling station be?

This will be allocated by your local council and sent to you on a polling card in the post. Often this is the nearest to your house, but not always so do check.

If you are registered at two addresses, you will be nominated a polling station in both places. You don’t have to decide in advance which to vote at. You can see where you are living nearer the time. Just don’t vote at both in a national election as it’s a criminal offence with a hefty fine!

How long does voting take?

Once you’re at the polling station, voting itself is very fast and can take less than a minute. The only thing that can slow things down is if a queue forms at your polling station. This isn’t usually a problem, but can occur at peak times when people are finishing work or in the evening near the cut off time (10pm).

Not sure if you’re registered?

If you recently registered online, it should all be fine. But if it was a while ago and you can’t remember or your polling card doesn’t arrive, get in touch with your local authority. In Sheffield, you can contact elections@sheffield.gov.uk or look up the details for the council where you’ll be on 8th June and give them a call.