General Election 2017 - Thank You!


To all students who campaigned, organised and attended Hustings, took part in debates, supported walking buses, volunteered at Polling Stations, encouraged their friends to vote and of course turned up on June 8th to vote - a big thank you to you all; this truly was #ourstudentvote

Current SU Campaigns

During Elections lots of big issues get brought into the spotlight; it's a time when promises are made by MP's to join us in campaigning for the changes we want to make. We've reached the end of this Election but we're just beginning the amazing work of the Sheffield Student Manifesto so If you want to get involved in current SU Campaigns or start one of your own find out more here.

What's next for #OurStudentVote ?

Throughout the General Election Sheffield SU was clear about the issues that we want our MP's to prioritise in Parliament. The General Election may be over but the work continues for #ourstudentvote and if you'd like to get involved in campaigning with us for the Sheffield Student Manifesto points on Housing, Mental Health, International Students' Rights, Higher Education and Cost of Living you can find out how on this page or get in touch at elections@sheffield.ac.uk

Contact Information


0114 222 8731