Page:Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Life Membership Gold entitles members to access Sheffield University's Students' Union Building and Services (excluding the Student Advice Centre). It is NOT membership to Sheffield University or Sheffield University Association.
  2. The Students' Union has no control over the University Library or sports facilities and Life Membership Gold does not entitle members to these facilities. However all Graduates of Sheffield University automatically become alumni members of the university and this includes library access.
  3. Students' Union Life members are entitled to bring one guest into the Students' Union on any night. It is always necessary to complete a guest card which should be retained by your guest while (s)he is in the building.
  4. Members are responsible for the actions of any individual s(he) signs into the Students' Union Building and must always accompany guests while they are in the building.
  5. There is a replacement charge of £5 per card for all lost/stolen membership cards.
  6. Students' Union Life members may not participate in the government of the Students' Union.
  7. Students' Union life members shall be entitled to participate in such activities, and use such facilities, of the Students' Union as are determined by the Students' Union Council or other Committees of the Students' Union.
  8. Life membership Gold, and any rights of such membership, may be withdrawn or suspended in accordance with the disciplinary regulations specified in the bye-laws.
  9. Students' Union Life Membership may be granted to former full members of the Students' Union.
  10. Students' Union life members shall be issued with a membership card. This card is invalid without both a photograph and a signature of the member.
  11. All members may be required to show their membership card, as proof of membership, and shall surrender it to an Officer or employee of the Students' Union on demand.
  12. Students' Union Life Membership shall be valid for such periods as are determined by Students' Union Council.
  13. Membership is granted, and may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Students' Union.
  14. Students' Union Life members must abide by all the regulations of the Students' Union.