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Interactive Tour of Foundry, Studio and Fusion

Sheffield Students' Union has 50 years of music history in its jeans. That glass you're drinking out of? It might be the same one students spluttered into when Paul McCartney took the stage for a surprise gig in '72. The pillar you're leaning rakishly against? Robert Plant could have rested his purple crushed velvet-suited self against it back in '68.

And we've found a way to bring them back. The SU's Interactive Soundcloud Tour is a time-travelling scissorkick through the past, present and future of the Foundry, Studio and Fusion. Featuring stories from the likes of The Crookes, iconic Designers Republic and now Human Studio owner Nick Bax, the legendary Billy the Porter and more. The build your own tour, takes you into the dressing rooms, snakebite-and-black coated dancefloors and stages of the SU artists from Blondie and Talking Heads to Coldplay and Bloc Party.

Press Play on Your: Interactive Soundcloud Tour

It's mobile too! Follow in the footsteps of some of music's greatest stars by taking the tour right here in the SU (and discover some brilliantly, and queasily evocative curiosities along the way) or listen at home and find out about Florence & The Machine's Foundry experience from the safety of your own settee.


You can either listen at home or wander to the central staircase here at the SU to follow it live (and get exclusive MP3s, videos and other treats from the likes of The Crookes, The Smiths and more along the way)!

Start with the track 'Introduction' from the interactive tour playlist here.

The Voice of the Foundry, Studio and Fusion will take it from there. At the end of the Introduction you'll be given a choice of where to go next, just select the piece of audio for your preferred destination to continue your tour.

If you're listening at home, don't forget you can also experience a virtual spacewalk by visiting SU's Google Tour of the Foundry, Studio and Fusion. It's right here (mobile link).

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The SU's Interactive Tour is growing and if you've a story to share we'd love to hear it. Drop us a line at


The SU's Interactive Tour is brought to you by The University of Sheffield Students' Union.

Design, recording, script, edit and sound design by Rob Barker. Produced by Christopher Howett. Original Music by Adam Cain and Eliot Booth. Voice of The Foundry, Studio and Fusion by Munyaradzi Chawawa, produced by Michael Smith.

Thanks to Nick Bax, Penny Blackham, The Crookes, Billy, Parry Juri, Johnny Marr, Nile Marr and Mark Perkins.