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Sam Matthews and Tom Ramsay

Twin Café


​A company that coffee lovers, drinkers and growers can unite around.

At Twin Café we want to do coffee differently. We set up direct trade links between twinned cities. We pay our farmers a fair price and then use our profits to fund amazing projects in our twinned cities.

 We want Twin Café to become a company that coffee lovers, drinkers and growers can unite around. By investing in the cities where our coffee is grown and sold we believe that our coffee can become a medium for  developing both our communities and our taste buds! Each cup of Twin Café coffee is helping to strengthen a twinning relationship between two parts of the world; encouraging cooperation and exchange between two communities. We believe that trade can be, not only fair, but a real force for good. Twin Café allows customers to invest in their own community every time they buy a cup of coffee.

Our high quality Coffee has been grown by farmers with a passion for what they do and roasted by experts. Whether you drink your coffee in a cafetiere or from an espresso machine we can make the perfect roast for you. 


Claire Kemp

Claire Kemp Cake Studio


Claire Kemp Cake Studio specialises in the design and creation of contemporary cakes for weddings, celebrations and events. Influenced by art, architecture, fashion and graphics, Claire’s cakes offer a fresh interpretation of cake design.

All cakes are handmade to order by Claire in her Sheffield studio using high quality ingredients. Cakes can be delivered throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and beyond.

The founder of Claire Kemp Studios, Claire Kemp, received from the USE business advice and a start-up grant which funded the first photo-shoots and designs.


Jerome Jacob



Frustrated with fruit tea smelling good and then not tasting like fruit? Us too.

Unlike fruit tea, PHROOTI is made using real fruit.

So it tastes as good as it smells, unlike fruit tea.

Fruity. Not fruit tea. All fruit. No tea.

PHROOTI is simply made of 95-97% real fruit and 3-5% natural flavouring. This makes for a delicious, healthy and fruity beverage; that isn't as sweet as cordial or juice, but instead tastes refreshing and natural.

What's more, PHROOTI is caffeine-free, low-calorie, gluten-free, dairy-free and has no added sugar so you can enjoy a glass mug of healthy fruitiness alongside your daily repertoire of tea and coffee completely guilt-free.


Natalia Welch

Pura Panela


Pura Panela could be the lifestyle change you need! It is a 100% natural alternative to sugar with a great taste, fluffy texture and full of vitamins and minerals. Pura Panela distributes panela in the UK and developing healthy products using panela (of course!). We are a small business based in the heart of tropical Sheffield. No really it is…haven’t you been? It’s just like Colombia… Anyway, over the past year we have been selling our lovely, tasty sweet stuff in local shops and food festivals. We are currently working on a range of healthy panela-based products. You’re going to love them! But we can’t tell you about them just yet…

We won the award for ‘Best business idea’ at the University of Sheffield’s annual enterprise awards. We also were nominated for the BQ Emerging Entrepreneur Award and were featured in The Guardian as a Start-up of the Year 2014. But enough of all that. We want to hear from you. Either get in touch on social media or leave us a message here. Find out what we are up to and, if you bag yourself some Pura Panela tell us what you think of it and how you used it. Perhaps your recipe idea will make it onto the back of our packets!

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