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Omolade Kadiri

Beautiful and Affordable Jewellery

We believe that every woman should have access to stunning jewellery but at affordable prices. That is the vision of our business – to offer breath-taking jewellery that will not break the bank. Our jewellery is inspired by stunning fine jewellery, especially diamonds – different types and colours of diamonds. So our product range features Russian man-made diamonds aka cubic zirconia and other high-grade crystals in a variety of different colours. The products are plated either Rhodium, Gold or Rose-gold for a beautiful and anti-tarnish finish. The University provided the funding to design our website and advertisement through social media.


Mark Musgrave

The Level Collective

The Level Collective clothing range is a product of various creative inputs and contributories that share the same distinct and original style. The designs for our T-shirts are created by some of the very finest emerging illustrators and graphic designers. Our Beanie Hats are extra-chunky weave, oversize fit with a massive bobble thrown on here and there for good measure. Though our products and designs come from across the world, we are based in Sheffield, UK and we also wanted to have a local input into our clothing: so all of our T-shirts are hand-screen printed in England to the highest possible quality and both our T-shirts and Beanies have been hand-finished in Sheffield. The founder, Mark Musgrave, received start-up funding from the University of Sheffield Enterprise.


William Bennett

Star Sports Development

Star Sports Development is a sports event management and sports retail. We run a number of events supporting Racketball and Squash. Star sports is a business committed to investing in sports via various avenues. Star Sports development operates Fantasy Squash ( and UK-Racketball ( which are a dynamic and rapidly expanding events management and sports retail businesses for squash and racketball. At the heart of our company is our ethos of “Investing in squash and racketball” meaning we are committed to reinvesting in the sports to help them grow The founder of Star Sports Development, William Bennett, received start-up funding from the University of Sheffield Enterprise.


Andrew Madden


Look-in-the-Bag is a company that aspires to create fashion accessories that are stylish, witty, functional and fun. Look-in-the-Bag sells gift packs of fashion accessories. Each gift pack is designed around a theme that we refer to as a ‘Look’. Each one comprises a scarf and matching piece of jewellery sold in a bag designed to complement the ‘Look’. Not only is the bag another stylish accessory, it also acts as packaging. The Co-founder of Look-in-the-Bag, Andrew Madden, received office space, start-up funding worth £250 and advice on marketing and websites from USE

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