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Our Alumni Supporting the Community

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Peter Dowds and Tom Brooks


Homecare in the UK can be expensive and unreliable. We have changed that. Here at Elder, we match you with an experienced & trusted local carer for only £13 per hour, available within 24 hours. We use technology to lower the costs of care to you and ensure that your carer is paid at a good rate for the fantastic work they do. Elder was founded in 2015 by Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks. Prior to founding Elder, Pete & Tom founded in 2012 to transform the UK home services industry with over 6,000 professional Mopp handymen and cleaners having provided a trusted service in the homes of over 150,000 Londoners since 2013. Elder is backed by one of the leading Venture Capital funds in Europe who share Pete & Tom’s vision in providing high quality in-home care across the UK.

Tel: 0203 095 7170


Christopher Hughes, Andrew Morgan and Jonathan Charlesworth


Our Motivation

We aim to help people with disabilities express themselves through user-centered design. We believe that if somebody relies upon a product for their everyday life, it should be a joy to use.

Our Name

Exyo, is short for express yourself, because our designs aim to empower the user, with the freedom to be themselves, when using the device they rely upon.

Our Story

We are 3 mechanical engineering graduates from The University of Sheffield who want to invest our skills in helping people. We started out by helping 2 individuals called Louis and Callum, whom we had the opportunity to design medical devices for, during our time at university. This inspired us to set about addressing problems faced by people with disabilities around the world. exyo is the birth of an opportunity: To have a real impact on the lives of others; by reaching out to improve physical circumstance and alleviate the stresses and stigmatization that arise through having to deal with cumbersome devices.


Helen Martin

Affordable Community Massage

Affordable Community Massage is a socially minded enterprise using ‘pop up’ clinics – our profits go towards providing clinics for vulnerable community groups who wouldn’t usually be able to access treatment. “I set it up originally so that people could get affordable access to deep tissue massage; most people think ‘I’d love a massage but I can’t afford it’” We provide easy access to targeted deep tissue therapeutic massage treatments in community venues (think knotty shoulders and achey sciatica, rather than tinkly bells and whale music!) for members of the public and vulnerable community groups. Some of the groups we work with are homeless groups, sheltered housing, carers and asylum seekers and women who have suffered domestic violence.


Alex Buckman, Nicola Lazenby and Andrew Timmis

The Energy Community

The Energy Community provides personalised energy saving advice to households. We are creating an online one-stop-shop where you can compare your energy use and access trustworthy, honest advice and tips from people who share your motivations, lifestyle and living situation. Over half of the bill payers in the UK struggle to pay them. We’re going to help you save money, save energy, together.

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