According to established student marketing company Campus Group, the average student spend per year has reached a high of £7,300, making the total market worth a massive £20 billion per year. Not only that, but 81% of students are happy to state that the recession has had little or no effect on their spending habits. Moving away from home means that students are making decisions alone for the very first time about which brands they prefer, and where to spend their money. Advertising with us gains access to over 26,000 students with your brand, products and services. Please note: inclusion in some of the media channels may be dependent on the provision of samples, printed materials, artwork or other items by the advertiser against certain deadlines. Deadlines will be specified upon booking. All prices do not include VAT.

You can meet our students face to face with giveaways, vouchers, leaflets or data capture.

Freshers Fair

Our Freshers' Fair is the biggest event in the academic calendar offering external organisations the opportunity to engage with our students. Footfall last year was over 9,000.

  • Premium - Largest stalls facing the entrance of the venue. £1,320
  • Gold - Stalls in prime locations within the venue. £1,100
  • Silver - Standard stall within the fair £880
Sports Fair

With over 50 sports clubs and Intra Mural sports leagues, fitness opportunities, free community sport and sports volunteering, this event provides the chance to showcase your products or services to an engaged audience of students with a pre-existing interest in sport. Stalls start at £500

Activities Fair

This is where students can discover a new passion, or continue pursuing something they love by getting involved in over 300 societies and committees it is a great chance to engage with the societies early on as they plan their activities for the coming year. Stalls start at £500

Housing Fair

The Housing Fair is part of the Students’ Union’s Smart move housing campaign. All of our students will be contacted and advised to attend the fair before starting to look for housing. We advise our students to always try and find accommodation which is registered with the university, Sheffield SNUG scheme or ANUK where relevant. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your accommodation to students at Sheffield University that are looking for reputable landlords that they know can be trusted.

  • Large Purpose built complexes - £450
  • Large landlords/letting agents with shop front - £350
  • Large landlords/letting agents without shop front - £250
  • Landlord with 11 to 30 properties - £125
  • Landlord with up to 10 properties - £50
Refreshers Fair

The Refreshers Fair is the opportunity for students to reconnect with Sheffield, The Students’ Union, and the clubs and societies after the Christmas break. There are engagement opportunities available from across the university and student union at the fair, meaning that a broad range of students are attracted. With an expected turnout of 6,000 students it always proves to be a very busy day. £500

Exhibition Stands/Stalls

Physical Stands give you the opportunity to get your brands infront of our students face to face with giveaways, vouchers, leaflets or data capture. The outdoor space has been used very successfully with sample giveaways and vouchers. £250 per day for inside space. £500 for larger outside spaces for bigger exhibitions/stands


You can reach our students directly with the opportunity for up to 2 staff to give out flyers at the SU or Halls. £150 a day.

SU Highlights

SU Highlights is a weekly email sent to approximately 15,000 students.An advert footer is available, which is available for use in conjunction with a unique URL in order to gather tracking information. £150 per week

Welcome Emails

Just before term starts we send welcome emails to 4 different groups - Freshers or new students, those returning for another year, International Students and Postgraduate Students.

You can place an advert that would be best suited to your demographic, on the email of your choice to get students familiar with your brand before they even arrive.

  • Returners email is £660.
  • Freshers' email £550.
  • International email £440.
  • Postgraduate Student email £330.
Online Banners

We have online banners at the top of our website and a large MPU asset further down the page. Our website generates around 20,000 unique visits a week. £500 per month for the top banner £600 for the larger MPU banner

Accommodation Website Banner

With the majority of visitors August & September, the Accommodation website is one of our most visited channels during the arrival period. We’ll include your logo on the Accommodation website homepage and link to a landing page of your choice. £500 (inclusion on website for four weeks)

Students E-Newsletter

We send four e-newsletters to over 6000 students during the period leading up to Intro Weekend. We’ll dedicate a section to your brand in each e-newsletter. £250 per e-newsletter (maximum of 4 inclusions)

Parents E-Newsletter

Last year over 1500 parents and guardians signed up to receive our Parent’s E-Newsletter, and this year there are even more. We’ll dedicate a section to your brand in up to four e-newsletters leading up to Intro Weekend. £250 per e-newsletter (maximum of 4 inclusions)


Include your logo and information on our e-induction, which we require all of our new residents to complete prior to their arrival. £500

Social Media

Include your logo and information on our e-induction, which we require all of our new residents to complete prior to their arrival. £500

Residence Life Portal

Over 6000 students are directed to the Residence Life Portal during the arrival period. We’ll include your article and logo on the portal homepage with a link to a landing page of your choice. £400 (inclusion for four weeks starting from Intro Weekend)

Plasma Screens

There are 9 screens located throughout the SU which show a continuous stream of 10 second long adverts. These consist of both internal and external advertisements. At the halls of residence there are also 5 screens that grab our students’ attention straight away when they walk through the doors with our eye-level plasma screens. Our screens at the City Halls are in the main reception and common room areas of Allen Court, which are prime locations for high footfall. £80 per screen per week but packages are available for multiple screens.

Table Vinyls

Located in high footfall area, we have tables available for you to cover with your advertising campaign. Table vinyls are a very effective way of relaying your message. The price for this is £25 per table per week.

A0 Posters

Located at The Students’ Union, The Edge Bar and The Hub, the large A0 poster sites are in prime locations, for attracting the attention of passing students and really make an impact in areas with high footfall. The price for these are £65 per poster per week.

A1 Posters

A1 posters are available at The Students’ Union, The Edge Bar and The Hub. £65 per poster per week.

A4 Posters

Take advantage of eye level media with our poster panels located in all of our washrooms at the halls of residence £100 for 20 panels per week

Sheffield Student Guide

An annual publication, written by students for students. It gives a student's view of the city, featuring useful tips, information, vouchers, and maps. There are 10,000 of these printed and distributed direct into rooms at the halls of residence so is a great option to directly reach new students when they first arrive in Sheffield. £880 Full Page £440 Half page

Student Villages map

Our Student Villages map is given to over 4500 students and their parents over Intro Weekend, as well as many more throughout the year. We’ll include your logo on this leaflet along with a link to your website and telephone contact details. £300 (inclusion on the map leaflet for one year)

A-Z Guides

Our A-Z Guides are included in a welcome envelope containing key information, which is handed out to 6000 students over Intro Weekend as they collect their keys. £300

Forge Press

The official student-run newspaper is a full-colour, 44 page production and the first edition is out just in time for Freshers’ Week. Advertise in this award-winning publication, and gain exclusive access to a 10,000 student readership on campus and in halls of residence. Produced every fortnight during term-time, Forge Press had to increase their print run this year by 20% after they ran out of the first issue of the term. Full page £800 Half page £400

Forge Radio

University of Sheffield's very own student run radio station, broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Forge Radio has its own professional standard studio dedicated to broadcasting, along with its own production studio located in the Media Hub. The station has between 10,000 and 20,000 listens per month during term time

  • Adverts - £150 per week for a minimum of 30 plays (20-30 seconds during the daytime). Additional adverts during the evening £5 each
  • Intro Week Adverts - Expected audience of at least 4,000 listeners during broadcasts from The Edge, The Ridge and outside the Students' Union - £250 per week
  • There is an additional £20 fee if you would like Forge Radio to make the advert.

Our range of packages will ensure your messages reach the widest audience across all platforms and provide great value for your marketing money.

1. Freshers

Getting your brand infront of students at the start of their journey is the perfect opportunity to engage our students with your distinct and unique offers. You can book our Freshers Package which includes:

  • Standard Stall at Freshers Fair
  • 1 Full page in the Sheffield Students Guide
  • 1 Welcome Email advert
  • 1 SU Highlights banner advert
  • 2 Plasma Screen adverts for the 1st month of term

£2,000 (individual asset value of £3000)

2. Halls

With access from the day they move in, advertising at our halls of residence gives you the attention of 6000 students.

Economy Package

Get value for money with our economy package:

  • 10 A4 posters in washrooms for 2 weeks
  • 1 plasma screen slide at all locations in the halls of residence (5 locations) for 2 weeks
  • Article on the Residence Life online portal for a month of term
  • Visibility on the Accommodation website for a month of term

For just £750 (individual asset value of £1500)

Standard Package

Step it up a notch and increase your brand visibility with:

  • 20 A4 posters in washrooms for 2 weeks
  • 2 plasma screen slides at all locations in the halls of residence (5 locations) for 2 weeks
  • 10 table talkers at Endcliffe and Ranmoor for 2 weeks
  • 1 A0 poster for 2 weeks
  • 1 outdoor stall at the Endcliffe site
  • Article on the Residence Life online portal for 2 months of term
  • Visibility on the Accommodation website

Total cost - £2,000 (individual asset value of £3000)

Deluxe Package

Our most popular package which includes space in all of our advertising media locations.

  • 30 A4 Posters for 4 weeks
  • 3 plasma screen slides at all locations in the halls of residence (5 locations) for 4 weeks
  • 20 table talkers at Endcliffe and Ranmoor and city for 2 weeks
  • 2 A0 posters for 4 weeks
  • 1 outdoor stall at the Endcliffe site
  • 1 outdoor stall at the Ranmoor site
  • Articles on the Residence Life online portal for 6 months of term
  • Visibility on the Accommodation website

Total cost - £3,500 (individual asset value of £5000)

3. Fairs

We’ve got four massive Intro Fairs to kick off the new semester including an Activities Fair takeover of the whole Students’ Union building. You choose which works for your brand needs. This package covers attendance at 3 of the 4 - Activities Fair, Sports Fair, Freshers’ Fair and the Part-Time Jobs & Volunteering Fair for £1500. (individual asset value of £1900)

4. Varsity

Sheffield Varsity is the inter university sports competition held in March and April. It is a showcase and celebration of student sport in the city of Sheffield, and includes all competitors and spectators regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. The spirit of Varsity is Pride, Respect, Fair play, and Sportsmanship. It sees The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University compete in over 80 sporting fixtures that are held in the International venues within the city. Varsity culminates with the final which is an ice hockey match at the Sheffield Arena. This event currently holds the record for the largest audience for any student ice hockey match outside of North America, with an amazing 8000 people filling the arena stands last year. This is the only event in the annual calendar that offers the opportunity to reach all 56,000 students of Sheffield.

Headline Sponsor for Varsity

Logo on all SUSU & Hallam Promotional Posters & Programme Digital Promotion including logo on all Plasma Adverts Banners & Sail flags Logo on all Varsity Merchandise Forge Press and Forge Radio

Winter Varsity 2016

As previously, the ski and snowboard elements of Winter Varsity are taking place in France. Your brand on a range of promotional materials throughout “campus”, plus international exposure.

Sponsorship of the Elite Athlete Scheme

Sports scholarship to support University elite athletes and up and coming individuals. Includes branding on website, Alumni department and an invite to the Awards Evening. £10,000

We also have a large number of other opportunities to get your brand involved with the city wide takeover that Sheffield Varsity represents. From sponsorship of part of one fixture or venue, stall holding, or use of the digital media, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

5. Create Your Own

Create your own package by selecting 2 or more of the options below. Select 3 or more to receive 10% off the standard price.

Only available between 30 June and 12 September. During summer 2014/2015 we hosted several conferences and events with many conference delegates, wedding and event guests attending. From small businesses to large organisations, our event spaces are hired by a multitude of companies to make a fantastic impression at their event and we would like to offer you the chance to make a great impression too.

With advertising opportunities ranging from traditional posters and table talkers to high-spec, eye-level plasma screens, all our promotional opportunities are positioned in key communal areas with high footfall. Contact us for more information.


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