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Committee Chair

Sheffield Volunteering Committee Chair 2016


I am the leader. I think big and set out our vision for the  year. I encourage the committee to achieve this and check that everyone’s on track. I am also the spokesperson and face of the committee.

Social Secretary

Sheffield Volunteering Social Secretary


I am the glue of the family. I welcome everyone into our 'Sheffield Volunteering community’ by arranging fun events. There’s something for everyone. I also helps projects to find amazing deals to organise their own socials.


Events Team

Sheffield Volunteering Committee Events Team

Hannah, Vivian and Abee

We are the coordinators. We arrange events to promote volunteering and to inspire students to take part. We organise activities out and about in our local community to help strengthen our civic responsibility.

Ambassador coordinator

Volunteering Committee Ambassador Coordinator


I am team coach. I support our Volunteering Ambassadors to learn, develop and channel their skills into creating events. I celebrate their achievements and make sure that they are recognised as an Ambassador.




Sheffield Volunteering Committee Secretary 2016


I am the record keeper. I document committee decisions and deal with the day to day joining of the dots. I am the Chair’s right arm support and the oil that keeps each committee cog turning.

Social & Creative Media Team

Sheffield Volunteering Committee Media Team 2016

Shawn and Charlene

We are the committee chatterboxes. We manage our social media and oversee the committee's communications. We work closely with everyone to promote events and activities and to capture and celebrate the experiences of our many volunteers.


Campaigners Team

Sheffield Volunteering Committee Campaigns Team 2016

Jessica, Haziq and Kenson

We are the innovators. We campaign to challenge stereotypes around volunteering and to encourage others to spread the volunteering message. We are in charge of the SV brand & make sure our values are upheld in everything we do.


Connections Team

Sheffield Volunteering Committee Connections Team 2016

Asma, Yunzhou Li and Iqra

We are the relationship builders. We strive to make volunteering  open and accessible for under-represented groups at our university. We get stuck into our community and help to match student groups with activities in Sheffield.


Our Giant Bee

Buzby Bee

Yes there is a reason why we have a giant yellow bee as our mascot! Buzby represents the community aspect of volunteering.

Working together to make a difference in our community and a positive impact on others.

Our food chain would break down without bees. In the same way our community would not function without volunteers. He also gives really good hugs!


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