Page:Living in a house

Problems with housemates

A clash of lifestyles and differing expectations and standards around cleaning etc can cause disputes to arise. For information on how you can deal with problematic housemates, click through below.

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Landlord is selling house/has mortgage problems

If your landlord is selling up, or if they're having mortgage problems, your status as a tenant could be affected. But it might not be! Click through for more information on what this means for your house contract. 

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My landlord wants me out

Having problems with your landlord? This page details your rights if your landlord wants you out of the house.

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Problems with neighbours

Most people have no problems with their neighbours, however, if you're having problems with yours, there are a few things you can do.

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Rent / section



This page is about repairs in private rented housing. For information on your rights and responsibilities when it comes to house repairs, click below.

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Landlord entering your home

For information on when and why your landlord is allowed to enter your rented home, visit the page below.

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Harassment and illegal eviction

If you feel you're being harrassed by your landlord, or are at risk of being illegally evicted from your home, this page should help you out on your rights and who can help.

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