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Immigration advice

Last modified: 03/05/2018

All prospective, current and recently graduated students of the University of Sheffield are entitled to free immigration advice to help them enter and remain in the UK. Both the Students’ Union and the University provide immigration advice but have different specialisms.

The University's  International Student Support team can offer advice and support on all Tier 4 student visa enquiries.

The Student Advice Centre provides advice and support in the following areas:

We do not provide any advice or support to students needing help with student visa extensions made here in the UK or abroad. This is provided by the International Student Support Team. We will advise staff members of the University on any of the above matters provided they are also students.

We do not provide detailed advice around settlement in the UK, Partner (FM) visas or Asylum & Refugee applications. We can help you find appropriate legal advice with external agencies.

All immigration advice in the UK is regulated included that provided by the Students’ Union and the University.