Page:Regulation of immigration advice

Regulation of immigration advice

Last modified: 11/08/16

Immigration advice in the UK is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).  It is a criminal offence to give immigration advice unless the adviser meets the required competency standards and abide with a strict Code of Standards. 

The Student Advice Centre and International Student Support are authorised to give immigration advice by a ministerial order made under section 84 (4) (d) of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Part V Exemptions: Educational Institutions and Health Sector Bodies) Order 2001 (Statutory Instrument 2001 No. 1403).

Designated advisers

The designated advisers in the Student Advice Centre are Jo Holliday and Sarah Woods.   For information on the designated advisers in the University check these webpages.

To make an appointment to see one of our immigration advisers please contact the Student Advice Centre.


If you have a complaint about the service we provide we shall take it seriously and try to resolve the problem first by talking to you.  Full details of how your complaint will be handled are in the complaints leaflet that is available from the Student Advice Centre reception.

You can also complain to the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).