Conditions of your Tier 4 visa

Last modified: 07/03/2018

All student visas are granted subject to a number of conditions.   If you break any of these conditions you may suffer very serious consequences ranging from a fine to removal from the UK.  If you need to extend your visa for any purpose in the UK you will be asked direct questions about whether you have broken any of these conditions. You should seek advice if you are worried about any of these issues.

1. No recourse to public funds

This means you must not claim one of the specified public funds which are mostly welfare benefits to help people on low income.

2. Police registration

Certain foreign nationals are required to register with the police within very strict time limits.  You will know if you need to register as this will be specified on your visa stamp. It is very important that you comply with these conditions as you may be liable to a fine or even prison sentence.  

3. Working in the UK

Most international students are allowed to work in the UK subject to certain conditions: 

You must not work more than 20 hours during term-time
You can work unlimited during vacation periods with important differences for postgraduate students.
You must not take a permanent full time role.
You must not set up in business, self employment or provide services as a professional entertainer or sportsperson.
You may also do work placements/internships provided they meet detailed requirements.