Page:Problems with your Tier 4 visa

Problems with your Tier 4 visa

Last modified: 13/07/2018


If you get a refusal of your Tier 4 visa seek advice from International Student Support.  If your family’s dependant visas have been refused from outside the UK book an appointment with an International Student Adviser.  Please bring a copy of the refusal notice and a copy of the original application with you to the appointment.


Leave of absence/visa curtailment

If you need to take a leave of absence for example due to illness, or pregnancy you may not be allowed to remain in the UK.  It is important that you speak to the International Student Support team first to check whether this is the case.  


If you have been told that your Tier 4 visa will be curtailed (cancelled) you must normally leave the UK within strict time limits.  However, we can advise you on whether there are any options to remain in the UK.  This is not normally possible but depending on your circumstances it may be possible to apply under a different category.  


Time limits for study

There are strict rules on the number of years you can study at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and PhD level.  If you need to take a resit or extend your studies for any reason it will be important to get advice as soon as possible to check whether you will be able to do this within any time limits.