SU Officer Elections

Every year current students campaign for one of the 8 elected Officer positions. The Officers are the key decision makers within the Students Union and form the leadership team which will take our SU forward next year.

You will also be electing 2 Student Trustees, voting on Referenda and electing an Honorary President of the SU, and Delegates to NUS Liberation Conference.

Any student can run, this might be your chance!

Students campaigning to become officers

Nominations Open

Any University of Sheffield can run for election at the SU. Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 21st February.

If you know someone who would make a great SU Officer or Student Trustee you can recommend them and we will be in touch with all the information they need.

Nominate Yourself Recommend A Friend

Nominations Close

Friday 21st February, 5pm







SU Officer Elections Timeline

Monday 6th January, 10am

Nominations Open

Friday 21st February, 5pm

Nominations Close

Monday 2nd March

Candidates Announced

Monday 9th March, 10am

Voting Begins

Wednesday 11th March, 5pm

Voting Ends

Thursday 12th March

Results Announced

All about the Sheffield SU Officer Elections 2020

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SU Officer Roles

The figurehead of your Students' Union. Leads and oversees the work of your Student Officer Team. Ensures the Students' Union is valued by its members as an effective, responsive and accountable organisation. Chairs the Trustee Board, Student Executive Committee and Staffing Committee. Also sits on University Council and Senate as well as a number of other University committees.

Role Description and Pay

Represents students' commercial interests and oversees budgets and expenditure. Ensures Students' Union services are relevant and responsive to Student needs. Has key oversight over the Students' Union's commercial activity and communications. Chairs the Students' Union's Finance Committee. Sits on University Finance Committee, Senate Budget Committee and University Council. Is the student-lead for sustainability, ensuring our practices are environmentally sustainable whilst consulting with the University on their strategy, operations and investments.

Role Description and Pay

Responsible for all educational matters affecting students, undergraduate and postgraduate. Co-ordinates and supports democracy and student representation within the University, and works with the Academic Representative Committee to campaign on, and keep students informed of, academic issues. Sits on many University committees including University Senate and Learning & Teaching Committee.

Role Description and Pay

Represents the views and interests of all women students within the Students' Union and University as well as at a national level and creates a student environment free from sexism and discrimination. Works with the Women's Committee to lead campaigns on the issues of women's rights and equality.

Role Description and Pay

Oversees the provision of student activities and the Students' Union's societies. Works to increase the number of students engaged in societies, activities and volunteering projects. Works with the University to ensure recognition of the contribution students make through activities and the importance of societies and volunteering as part of the student experience at Sheffield.

Role Description and Pay

Supports and represents the University's international student population. Works to support and facilitate the integration of home and international students at Sheffield. Sits on key University committees relating to international students and internationalisation.

N.B. Only international students can stand to be the International Students' Officer, but all students can vote in the election.

Role Description and Pay

Provides support, representation and raises awareness of student health, finance, housing & safety issues. Works closely with the Student Advice Centre to ensure relevant and effective advice is available to students. Works with the University to ensure adequate welfare provision and support for students.

Role Description and Pay

Ensures the provision of sports opportunities and clubs for students. Acts as the advocate of students engaged in sport at all levels. Works to increase the number of students taking part in sport. Sits on the Sport Sheffield Board and has key relationships with University staff responsible for the provision of sports facilities and opportunities.

Role Description and Pay

Trustee Elections

Student Trustees represent all the students on the Students' Union Trustee Board, which oversees the financial, strategic and long term sustainability of our SU.

There are two Student Trustee positions available and any University of Sheffield student can run.

Honorary President

The Honorary President of the Students' Union is a chance for students to support, congratulate or highlight the significant contribution an individual has made.

Referenda Voting

Referenda are the way that we make big decisions about the future of the Students' Union, such as whether we remain affiliated to the National Union of Students.

Voting for Referenda will open at 10am on Monday 9th March.

NUS Delegate

The National Union of Students represents 7 million students across the UK. Sheffield Delegates will be representing Sheffield students from typically underrepresented groups on a national platform, setting policies and holding NUS leaders to account.

You Run Your SU

All students of the University of Sheffield are full members of the Students' Union, and they set its operational, political, financial and strategic direction.

As a member of the SU, you engage in all areas of democratic decision making. Whether that is electing diverse leaders who represent your interests, or participation in decision-making through referenda, petitions, debates, surveys and discussions.

Election Documents

Here are some essential pieces of information which you will need as a candidate in the SU Elections

Election Guide Election Rules

Questions about elections?

Team elections are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the elections process or the roles of the SU Councillor and NUS Delegate. Get in touch:

0114 222 8535

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