2nd January 2020

Sports Officer

Role Description

Salary: £19,730 (TBC by SU Council)
Purpose: To work with Sport Sheffield to shape the sporting opportunities available to students and champion participation in sport. In particular, to:
  • Encourage sport participation and communities
  • Represent student athletes
  • Organise/input activity to develop sport
Dates: Thursday 18th June 2020 to July 2021.
Includes 10 mandatory days of handover with the outgoing officer, and a weekend residential in late June or early July.
Who can stand? Any current student.
Other Info: All elected officers also become Trustees of the SU. Candidates must meet criteria for trustees (e.g. not be bankrupt).
  1. Role Description
  2. Specific Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities

Encourage sport participation and communities

  • Encourage students to be involved with sports.
  • Organise a Sports Fair in Intro Week to enable students to find out about sport at Sheffield University, and to enable clubs to recruit new members.
  • Promote and develop the “Black and Gold” sporting community, including by organising meetings which bring together all clubs.
  • Work with the Welfare Officer to promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Represent student athletes

  • Represent students’ views and interests on sporting matters.
  • Play an active role on the Sport Sheffield Board and serve as Co-Chair of the Sport Sheffield Partnership Group.
  • Represent Sports Clubs within the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS).

Organise/input activity to develop sport

  • Support the development and promotion of a wide range of sport programmes, appealing to a variety of students.
  • Champion the equal support for different types of participation (e.g. social sport, intra mural, elite sport, S10 Health and Wellbeing), fostering a sporting community that is inclusive and where resources are fairly allocated.
  • Organise events that raise the profile of sports participation, including an annual Varsity event with Sheffield Hallam.

Shared responsibilities (all officers):

  • Be an active member of the Student Executive Committee (SEC), overseeing SU direction and student representation as a whole.
  • Oversee SU policies and how they are turned into action.
  • Campaign for the rights and interests of students, locally or nationally.
  • Uphold the SU’s democratic processes, including by upholding decisions taken by Referenda and by reporting to SU Council on progress and key issues.
  • Support and develop liberation access.

You can find a full description of responsibilities for all Officers in Sheffield Students’ Union Bye-Law 4.

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