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The SU is run by students, for students. Council is a group of students from across different groups and departments who oversee what the SU does.

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Your Councillors

Your SU Council has now been elected! Find out who'll be steering the SU ship.

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SU Officer Elections 2021

Your SU Officers
and Trustees
are here!

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Students having a meeting

SU Councillors attending council meetings

Students having a meeting

SU Councillors attending council meetings

Proposals Under Consideration

A Students’ Union Policy is a statements of our values and beliefs as an organisation. They also mandate the SU to take certain actions in pursuit of these values and beliefs.

SU Council has responsibility for our Students’ Union Policies.

View all existing policies and those under consideration below.

our policies
Stage 2 proposal to amend Bye Law 12
Students having a meeting

University of Sheffield students vote for who reprsents them at SU Council

How to Become a Councillor

Councillors lead the SU and make important decisions about the way we are run - elections for SU Council are held at the beginning of the academic year, look our for details around then!

SU Councillors are elected each year by a vote of all students to represent Sheffield students and make important decisions about the way we are run. These decisions can be varied and wide-ranging and students need a broad range of people to be involved in SU Council to make sure it represents the whole student population.

The SU has 46 Departmental Councillors (one from each department), 8 Representative Councillors (Women’s, BME, Disabled students’, LGBT, Postgraduate Taught, Postgraduate Research, International Students’, Mature Students’) and the Sports, Societies and Ethical and Environmental Councillors. Representative Councillors must be a member of the group that they want to represent.

As a Councillor you will be trained and supported to represent the views of other students. You’ll be given the chance to perfect the talents employers look for: negotiation, public speaking, diplomacy and project management, all while meeting new people from across the University, having fun and making a difference!

If you would like to become an SU Councillor, nominations open during Semester 1 each year, so look out for more information then!

Councillor Support

Support for SU Councillors on Meetings, Polices, Motions, Papers and much more.

Councillor support