Development Officer



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Development Officer role

Represents students' commercial interests and oversees budgets and expenditure.

Ensures Students' Union services are relevant and responsive to Student needs.

Has key oversight over the Students' Union's commercial activity and communications.

Chairs the Students' Union's Finance Committee. Sits on University Finance Committee, Senate Budget Committee and University Council.

Is the student-lead for sustainability, ensuring our practices are environmentally sustainable whilst consulting with the University on their strategy, operations and investments.

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I was inspired to become an SU Officer because...

I care so much about the social and ecological issues occurring all around us, and to work in a role which is dedicated to solving these is a dream come true. Working at the best SU in the UK for the last 11 years is the proudest achievement of my life (even if it is only for a year).

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an SU officer:

Collaborating with the other wonderful officers, the SU and the University to make a positive change for our students!

What I’m hoping to achieve this year:

Making our SU more environmentally and financially sustainable and improving the everyday lives of our students by pushing our University to make positive change.

What I love about Sheffield Students’ Union is…

It is incredible! The support, facilities and engagement is second to none and it is the reason my University experience was so special!

The best thing about Sheffield is…

Its vibrancy. It has so many beautiful areas to visit and the overall atmosphere of the city I have fallen in love with!

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as 1st year what would it be?

Get involved in something that isn’t your degree! I fully regret not getting involved in my first semester. Joining any kind of society or sports team gives you the opportunity to express your passions whilst meeting friends with similar interests.

You should get involved with our outlets at Sheffield Students’ Union because…

Not only are there a range of delicious food outlets to choose from, a fun fact every student should know is every purchase you make in the SU is reinvested back into the SU!