Ellie Lynas

Education Officer

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Education Officer role

Responsible for all educational matters affecting students, undergraduate and postgraduate.

Co-ordinates and supports democracy and student representation within the University, and works with the Academic Representative Committee to campaign on, and keep students informed of, academic issues.

Sits on many University committees including University Senate and Learning & Teaching Committee.

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Find out more about Ellie

Why did you want to become an SU officer?

While I have really enjoyed my time in Sheffield, I have also experienced, first-hand, some of the mistakes the uni makes when it comes to taking care of their students and I aim to fix them.

What are some of your priority areas for your year in office?

I want to make our education system work for everyone, whether that’s altering what is already there or just making sure students know how to access all the support they need.

What do you love about Sheffield Students’ Union?

All the societies! There’s so many and they’re all different. Getting involved in a society has easily been one of my favourite experiences in the last 3 years.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

I never lived in a city before and I just love that everything you could want is within walking distance; if you travel the tiniest bit further you get to the peaks. Sheffield has it all.

What’s your message to students as you begin your year in office?

Things have changed a lot from when I wrote my manifesto, but what is unchanged is that I really want to better every student’s uni experience. Uni is so much more than just the course, but it does help when that bit goes smoothly.