Iuri Montenegro

International Students' Officer

A picture of the International Students Officer

International Students' Officer role

Supports and represents the University's international student population.

Works to support and facilitate the integration of home and international students at Sheffield.

Sits on key University committees relating to international students and internationalisation.

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Find out more about Iuri

Why did you want to become an SU Officer?

I worked supporting students as a residence mentor for two years and felt that during that period I acquired enough confidence and experience to represent and help international students. To me, becoming an Officer seemed like a continuation of that role, in some ways.

What are some of your priority areas for your year in office?

All international students are linked by the dreams and expectations that make someone cross borders and oceans to live somewhere else. This relates not only to the academic side of things but mostly to the overall student experience. My priority is to focus on understanding these expectations and making sure not only that our university offers the tools so they can be fulfilled, but also that people from all backgrounds feel welcomed and comfortable here to pursue them.

What do you love about Sheffield Students’ Union?

My favourite thing about our Students Union is the variety of societies. They are key to the university experience and it's brilliant that students from all over the world can get together based on their interests. And we have over 350 of them here! That's amazing.

What’s your favourite thing about Sheffield?

I love how green Sheffield is. The fact that we can get to the Peaks District so easily really makes a difference to me!

What’s your message to students as you begin your year in office?

These are very challenging times and I would say most of us are facing some degree of anxiety or uncertainty about the future. I would just like to let students know that the other officers and I will be doing all that we can to make sure everyone feels safe and have an amazing time in Sheffield in the year that follows. Keep on taking care of yourself and the people around you, and be sure that you can count on us.