International Students' Officer



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International Students' Officer role

Supports and represents the University's international student population.

Works to support and facilitate the integration of home and international students at Sheffield.

Sits on key University committees relating to international students and internationalisation.

Sissi is available to any student, each week for an open drop-in session.
Tuesday’s 4-5pm
SU Gallery (say hi to your Officer)

N.B. Only international students can stand to be the International Students' Officer, but all students can vote in the election.

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I was inspired to become an SU Officer because...

I have always been passionate about helping others and making friends with students from different countries. I want to be the voice for international students who are keen to engage in the university life aboard and enjoy the most amazing experience in Sheffield.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an SU officer:

I hope all students, both home and international, can integrate and make friends. All international students should feel at home and receive a warm welcome.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year:

Promote better integration and close relationships between international students and locals.

What I love about Sheffield Students’ Union is…

It is the best place for me to get help in all aspects during my master year. I really enjoy taking part in the campus activities and making international friends.

The best thing about Sheffield is…

So international, inclusive and tolerant!

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as 1st year what would it be?

Pop into the SU as much as you can and get involved in our events!

You should use Sheffield Students’ Union to be around people from all over the world because…

We want to help you enjoy your university life better!