Matt Graves

Sports Officer

A picture of the Sports Officer

Sports Officer role

Ensures the provision of sports opportunities and clubs for students.

Acts as the advocate of students engaged in sport at all levels.

Works to increase the number of students taking part in sport.

Sits on the Sport Sheffield Board and has key relationships with University staff responsible for the provision of sports facilities and opportunities.

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Find out more about Matt

Why did you want to become an SU officer?

I wanted to become SU Sports Officer because sports is not nearly a high enough consideration in university decision making. Sport has been fundamental to my time in Sheffield from both an academic and student experience point of view and it doesn’t receive nearly the recognition it deserves.

What are some of your priority areas for your year in office?

Priority areas include transport, club sport funding and participation level sport opportunities, but I believe the solution to all of these lies in convincing key university decision makers in the power of sport, and therefore sport being more intrinsic to decision making.

What do you love about Sheffield Students’ Union?

Sheffield Students’ Union is a community like no other. The people, the opportunities and the ability to truly be yourself are all key components of enhancing student experience through the SU.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

My favourite thing about being in Sheffield, and why I’m desperate to stay here, are the huge sporting links. Sheffield is the home to great athletes, venues and sporting cultures. It’s beyond me why a University based in such a great sporting city doesn’t prioritise sport more than it currently does.

What’s your message to students as you begin your year in office?

My message to students is that this year will be very tough for a number of reasons and sport is not exempt from that. Stick together, look after yourselves and we’ll be back to our beloved activities ASAP. Despite the circumstances, don’t be scared to get involved and try something – I did exactly that and have never looked back!