Sports Officer



A picture of the Sports Officer

Sports Officer role

Ensures the provision of sports opportunities and clubs for students.

Acts as the advocate of students engaged in sport at all levels.

Works to increase the number of students taking part in sport.

Sits on the Sport Sheffield Board and has key relationships with University staff responsible for the provision of sports facilities and opportunities.

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I was inspired to become an SU Officer because...

Of the variety of campaigns throughout the year such as; Disability in Sport, Pride in Sport, This Girl Can and Take Racism Seriously. I found them so inspiring and made me realise that there are still so many barriers that exist to people taking part in sport, which is something I am very passionate about changing.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an SU officer:

Working alongside my amazing team of officers to have a positive impact on students experiences. (And obviously Varsity, that goes without saying)

What I’m hoping to achieve this year:

Better funding for sport at all levels!

What I love about Sheffield Students’ Union is…

New Leaf. I really don’t want to think about how much money I have spent in there over the last 3 years haha

The best thing about Sheffield is…

It feels like home!

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as 1st year what would it be?

Get involved in sport at any level! My biggest regret of the university is waiting until my 2nd year to join something. My mental health and wellbeing have drastically improved, I have met incredible people who will be my friends for life and I got a job out of it. So it is safe to say, sport changed my life!

You should get involved with sports at Sheffield Students’ Union because…

There is such a wide range of sports available. Sheffield has 58 clubs, along with a social sport programme and intramural leagues so there really are so many ways to get involved and definitely something for everyone!