Holly Ellis

Welfare Officer

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Welfare Officer role

Provides support, representation and raises awareness of student health, finance, housing & safety issues.

Works closely with the Student Advice Centre to ensure relevant and effective advice is available to students.

Works with the University to ensure adequate welfare provision and support for students.

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Find out more about Holly

Why did you want to become an SU officer?

I wanted to become the Welfare Officer because I am passionate about students’ wellbeing and improving the student experience. I love our SU and wanted to be part of making it even better for everyone! It’s so important that all students’ voices are heard and that our SU is as welcoming and inclusive as possible. I wanted to run because I’ve really enjoyed getting involved with the SU and making a difference through Welfare Committee, Ice Skating Society Committee, being a Faculty Rep, Sheffield Mentor and other part-time roles, and loved the idea of focusing on making the SU better full-time as opposed to only being able to dedicate some of my time alongside my studies.

What are some of your priority areas for your year in office?

Some of my priority areas include inclusivity, student finance, mental health, housing, safety and accessibility. I want to raise awareness on hate crimes and discrimination, increase the range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options in SU and University outlets, and ensure that students from all backgrounds feel as welcomed and included as possible. I’m also determined to fight for compensation from strike action, reduce the cost of food and drink in University cafes and support hardship funds, bursaries, scholarships and part-time work. Improving mental health support and working on the Wellbeing Service are really important to me. Another one of my priority areas is supporting housing needs – I’m keen to clarify information and run more housemate finders. In addition, I’m passionate about improving access to safe transport home and campaigning against sexual harassment.

What do you love about Sheffield Students’ Union?

The thing I love most is the people! Having a lot of experience means I have got to know a lot of lovely people and have made friends with students from all different courses and walks of life. I love that our students have set up so many societies and committees and that there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is so much variety and so many opportunities to try new things. I feel our SU has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere which really means a lot to me.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

My favourite things about Sheffield are the views and the environment! I love to watch the sunset at Bole Hill and visit the parks. There are many beauty spots in Sheffield and the city feels welcoming and diverse.

What’s your message to students as you begin your year in office?

My message to students as I begin my year in office is to make the most of your experience! Seek out opportunities that you think you will enjoy and will benefit from, but don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do! There are lots of different opportunities out there so find the ones that suit you! And try not to worry – everything will work out :)