Lily Grimshaw

Women's Officer

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Women's Officer role

Represents the views and interests of all women students within the Students' Union and University as well as at a national level and creates a student environment free from sexism and discrimination.

Works with the Women's Committee to lead campaigns on the issues of women's rights and equality.

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Find out more about Lily

Why did you want to become an SU officer?

During my time at Sheffield I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities and experiences that our Students Union has to offer and I wanted to become part of the team which focuses on improving student life and well-being. My involvement within different societies and SU bodies throughout my three years enabled me to work on some brilliant events and campaigns which both educated individuals on important issues and raised funds for local organisations in the city. From my time as Women’s Councillor and Academic Rep I gained an insight into how the SU is run and became increasingly aware of just how vital the organisation is in providing the necessary and unique forms of support that different groups of students require. I intend to bring these experiences and my fundamental beliefs in the importance of fighting for social equality and liberation to the role of Women’s Officer in order to ensure that our University is an accessible, welcoming and rewarding institution for all.

What are some of your priority areas for your year in office?

To create and maintain a safe and inclusive campus by actively challenging all forms of discrimination including racism, ableism, homophobia and sexism. I want to utilise the resources and educational opportunities that our SU presents, to inform students of existing forms of privilege and inherent biases whilst continuing to tackle structural racism within the University institution itself. It is crucial that we ensure that marginalised groups of students and staff have the correct support and that their different needs and experiences are listened to and accounted for.

The wide-reaching implications of the current pandemic has, and will in no doubt continue to, create innumerable challenges and uncertainties. In the midst of this, I believe it is so important to not lose sight of the incredible achievements that are taking place. One of my priority areas for the year is to promote wider recognition of female success across Sheffield University by celebrating the work and achievements of both staff and students across all departments and liberation groups.

Nationwide, vast amounts of young people are affected by body-image issues and eating disorders and the continual stigmatization of these problems prevent many from seeking help. In order to tackle this, one of my key goals for next year is to implement a ‘Body-Neutrality’ campaign across campus to open up the conversation and offer support to those who need it.

What do you love about Sheffield Students’ Union?

My favourite thing about Sheffield SU is the diversity in the activities and opportunities that are open to students. The vibrant, welcoming atmosphere instantly makes you feel at home and the sense of community is amazing.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

My favourite thing about Sheffield is having the Peaks on our doorstep!

What’s your message to students as you begin your year in office?

I want Sheffield students to know that despite the uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances that COVID19 has created, I and the other SU Officers are committed to ensuring that the well-being of both new and returning students is at the forefront of our work.