Women's Officer



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Women's Officer role

Represents the views and interests of all women students within the Students' Union and University as well as at a national level and creates a student environment free from sexism and discrimination.

Works with the Women's Committee to lead campaigns on the issues of women's rights and equality.

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I was inspired to become an SU Officer because...

Having been involved in social justice campaigning for most of my life, I came to university and wanted to get stuck into activism in my University and in my new local community. One of the ways I felt I could do this was by running for Women’s Officer - a chance to bring my passion and experience to a new platform.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an SU officer:

I am most excited to work closely with the representative committees we have at the University. Over the last two years, I have been blown away with the effectiveness and strength the committees have shown in the face of discrimination and I can’t wait to support and collaborate with them on some exciting projects.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year:

I want to continue the work of previous Officers on the decolonisation of our University. I feel like we are at a crossroads at the moment in which we have a strong BME committee and the University’s Race Equality Strategy which has promised to take institutional racism seriously - we now need to make sure that these steps are actually enacted and I want to ensure that I oversee their implementation. In addition to this, I want to make sure that any student who comes to the Students Union or the University to report a hate crime or incident of sexual violence is supported - both compassionately and efficiently and that the systems put in place are clear and accountable.

What I love about Sheffield Students’ Union is…

I love the huge array of opportunities on offer for you to get involved in student activism, societies and sport. There really is something for everyone and we are lucky that our university encourages us to be active participants in the University community.

The best thing about Sheffield is…

The long-standing history of collective action and workers solidarity in our city. In particular, the way we support and welcome Refugees and Asylum Seekers - seen in Sheffield being a city of sanctuary.

And a shoutout to Falafel King for being a loyal outlet through thick and thin.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as 1st year what would it be?

To remember that despite your tuition fees, you are at University to learn for learning's sake. Enjoy your degree, ask questions, utilise what’s on offer here at the University and Student Union and challenge yourself.

You should get involved with liberation and diversity at Sheffield Students’ Union because…

Getting involved in liberation and diversity is not a choice - getting involved in social justice activism, in climate justice activism, in political societies and in your representative committees are the only way we will dismantle the structures which allow oppression to continue.