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About buying and selling action in campus.

by Po Chieh Wang 02 February 2019, 09:19

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 I’ve came up an idea recently, a website that can provide student in the University of Sheffield ways to buy or sell things to each other on campus. This is a project which I have been working on for a little bit, and I think it may be a proposal that can be considered carry out.


 The website’s goal is to support student in the university to buy or sell things in a reasonable price, as we are all students and not all of us do part-time jobs to earn some extra income for ourselves. However, there are things we may need that tight our budgets. For example, in most of the times, textbooks are overpriced, and students might tend to not buying them. It is true that you can try to find second-hand books on the internet, but not every person can find the same book since those books are sold are mostly not the textbook that professors in our university appointed. However, I have noticed that there is not much change in the successive years, mostly changed in edition, but the content are all the same( Most of the time).

 Therefore, with this website, students in our campus can buy those assigned textbooks in a reasonable price from other student in campus who may don’t want or need the books anymore, and it increase chances for students to meet others too.


 Here’s another example. I have aware that students can have group chat on mobile apps, but since there might be a lot of people(200 or more) in it, some people would turn off the notification and they may miss something they want to buy or sell as people only send a text message. Furthermore, the things can be very limited because to my knowledge, there are different app, different nation students, different subject and eve different dorm! The site is a great chance for students to find various of stuff since the number of people who’s selling has significantly increased.


 This  is not a profit-making website, to me, it is a way that I can contribute to the university community, the only thing I gain from it are only experiences, and this is important as well, so please do consider it! Thank you for your time.


 Kind regard

 Po-Chieh, Wang