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Drug Safety Testing

by John Mosuela 07 January 2019, 20:01

Category: Welfare

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Drug use is an increasing prevalence in the student population, with Sheffield being no exception to this. We call on the University to consider the safety and welfare of it's students and local community by providing the means to reduce the risks of recreational drug use.

The aims of drug safety testing:

  • Identify trends in drug use.
  • Identify substances that put users at a greater risk.
  • Provide up to date information to those charged in drug use incidents, such as welfare teams and medical staff, to ensure informed support.
  • To engage with the student population and provide early intervention and support.
  • Identify drugs that have been missold, possibly containing dangerous adulterants, that could cause potential medical/welfare problems.
  • Distribute information to minimise drug related harm in University and prevent major public incidents.