"Extra" lectures

by Elliot Morley 28 October 2018, 13:32

Category: Teaching

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There are additional lectures going on at TUoS, not part of any course, such as the past "Higher Education - Past, Present and Future" or the upcoming inaugural lecture by Professor Tony Prescott, titled "The making of ourselves: from psychology to robotics." I understand that non-module based lectures can be requested to be recorded - why is this not standard? The amount of knowledge and wisdom being shared in some of these lectures is incredible, yet is only available to the people who are able to attend the events. This is, to me, a serious disappointment - the university is meant to be a place of learning and growth, yet this opportunity has been overlooked. Could they be recorded somehow, Encore style or maybe even TED talk style? I understand that this may be costly, as some venues for lectures (such as the AMRC) may not have this equipment, but this could possibly be offset with a pay-per-access model or a student-budget-sized donation.