27th November 2019

University Strategy Consultation

How would you shape your University? Have your say on the University's new strategy.

The University is currently working on its new strategy which will define their focus and priorities. They set out their draft proposal for the strategy in a document called the Vision Green Paper.

The Students’ Union is gathering student feedback on the strategy to take back to the University. Have your say on Education, Research, Partnerships and Diversity, and share your ideas on how you would shape your University.

It’s really important you know what the University is planning and that you have the opportunity to feedback what you think as this will influence the experience of all University of Sheffield students’ for years to come.

  1. Read the Vision Green Paper
  2. Online Feedback
  3. Questions you might have

Read the Vision Green Paper

First of all find out more about the strategy by reading the Vision Green Paper online.

Online Feedback

Share your feedback online by submitting ideas for how you would shape your University or voting on other people’s ideas.

Questions you might have:

At the end of his first year in office the President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Koen Lamberts set out a draft vision for the future of the University which is referred to as the Vision Green Paper.

Over the past few weeks staff from across the University have had the opportunity to share their insights not only on document itself, but also on how to make this a reality. To ensure that the student voice is featured prominently in the conversation, the Students’ Union are working with the University to gather your feedback.. There are two ways for you to share your thoughts and ideas: online and at a dedicated ‘Ask Your University’ event.

The term ‘Green Paper’ (in the UK) is used for a preliminary report of government proposals that is published in order to provoke discussion. This is the aim of the Vision Green Paper - the proposed priorities within the paper are a starting point for discussion and critique. All feedback gathered from staff and students will feed into a new vision for the University.

The Ask Your University event will give you an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas with senior members of staff from the University, including members of the University Executive Board (UEB). The session will be structured around the four themes of the Vision Green Paper, and there will be opportunities to share more general thoughts on the strategy. The main discussion will take place in small groups, facilitated by University staff and Students’ Union Officers.

All feedback captured in the focus groups, during the ‘Ask Your University’ event and online will be collated and considered alongside feedback already collated from staff. All of the information will be reviewed and analysed by the Students Union to highlight any common and recurring themes. This information will be presented to the University’s Executive Board (UEB) by your SU officer team, and will be used to develop the University’s new Vision and Strategic Plan.